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Crazi Cajun Studio Info

2011-06-19 21:50:38 by Crazi-Cajun-Studios

So as you know we are some youtubers who decided to use newgrounds for those of you who do not have youtube accounts to ask us stuff and compliment or insult our work :P
If you do have a youtube and you would like to subscribe to us you may click the link below nStudios

Jerry P. LeMaire Jr. is the one who came up with the idea to form Crazi Cajun studios it started out with just him and his brother Justin and was origionally J.L. Bros Productions. Eventually Damian Lee, Neil Ricard, Jacob Billiot, and Jarden LeMaire Joined and it became known as Jellymanprojects in 2008. soon they closed there youtube channel to re-open it as JellyvisionStudios in late 2010. In 2011 it became known as CraziCajunStudios and since then it has slowly started becoming a big hit for the first time (currently still not big yet) Neil Ricard went on to make Neil Ricard Vision instead of being a full time actor/director for Crazicajunstudios but they partner with eachother sometimes. Jacob Billiot was perminately removed from CraziCajunStudios. As of Now CraziCajunStudios is partnering up with Neil Ricard Vision, *SnapBrothers* Productions, And Moments In Memory. They are all great people to work with.

The World Above Us a Hardcore Metal Screamo Band was suppose to do work with CraziCajunStudios but was swapped with the band Moments In Memory. One member of the band, Travis Opal, Is also an actor for CraziCajunStudios, inwhich he joined in june of 2011. Though CCS does not work with The World Above Us in videos because of the swap with MIM they still do try and help by promoting their music

There are many others who work with CCS as well and you can find out who they are by going to the Official Crazi Cajun Studios Facebook Fan Page which is where they post a lot more than what you will see on here as well as on youtube.

The band Gifted But Twisted is one of the bands CCS wants to work with and just may if they try really hard. We hope you all like us and If you want to know more dont be affriad to ask

(C)2011 Crazi Cajun Studios


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